Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some notes, Or, From the perspective of a healthy cat

I have been reading about Budesonide, the steroid that I take to ease my stomach problems. Over the past few weeks, I have not thrown up at all, which makes for cleaner shoes for everyone.

I am also receiving twice-daily injections of human insulin. I do not know whether this is the same as insulin that I produce. The injections pinch a little, but Anna and Salim are nice enough to administer them mostly while I am eating, so I do not really mind. As long as I get my breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. And elevenses. And tea. And midnight snack. If I do'n't get the snack, I know that I can get more food by batting at the side of the bed and waking someone up. I am reading more about the insulin I receive, and it sounds like insulin is a protein. I like protein: chicken is a protein, and I really enjoy eating that. Fish has lots of protein, and that's tasty, too. So this insulin must be pretty spectacular stuff.


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