Monday, August 28, 2006

I am a (critical) scientist and (scientific) thinker

While reading about this automatic cat-feeder powered by linux (ubuntu, even), I wonder: not only does this particular cat owner hate operating systems so much that he inflicts linux on the world, but he does not even love the cat enough to feed him cowboy cookout! I actually have been turning up my nose at the cookout the past few days, because the yummy smells of roasting, boiling, and baking chicken have filled the house. It's hard to wander around the house with all those smells: I want to sit in the middle of the kitchen floor, so I can eat the chicken as soon as it's ready!
This morning I was quite disappointed to find nary a shred of chicken in the bowl: I enjoyed chicken for dinner both of the past two nights.

I know that linux is the souce of great anxiety around our household. I have heard Salim cursing it at all hours of the night -- sometimes his telephone rings and this precipitates a fresh round of invective against linux. Anna, on the other hand, has a BSD-based computer and never hurls epithets at her computer.


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